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Carnivorous Plants Field Guide Art Print / Watercolor Painting / Wall Art / Nature Print / Botanical Art

Carnivorous Plants Field Guide Style Watercolor Painting Print. $18.00, via Etsy. - For my kitchen!

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dionaea muscipula, commonly known as the venus fly tap, is a carnivorous plant native to subtropical wetlands on the east coast of the united states in north carolina and south carolina.

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Sundews (Drosophylla) Carnivorous Plants - repinned by

Kokedama pitcher plants to tackle insect problems within the home :) Having in wash sector in this way ensure it gets passively watered via moisture/humidity in air

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Cephalotus follicularis big boy growing in a Lilly basket #cephalotus #carnivorousplants #hantsflytrap #sarracenia #big boy

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Carnivorous plant Nepenthes villosa... I should really stop looking at these pictures. Too many rare plants Ill never get

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Drosera Burmannii Humpty Doo

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