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Carlos Santana: there was melody, mood and great feeling in his guitar playing, he made it sound effortless, "Black Magic Woman" and "Samba Pa ti" were my two favourites.

Carlos Santana - Fan-Album

Carlos Santana - Fan-Album

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Carlos Santana. His band Santana pioneered the fusion or rock and Latin American music.

His band Santana pioneered the fusion or rock and Latin American music.

Santana "Supernatural" (Jun 1999), coudn't choose between this one and"The Best of Santana" (2001, Sony)


Santana: Supernatural: a Carlos Santana/Clive Davis collaboration. Clive brought in younger talent to work with Carlos. It shouldn't have worked but it did.

Carlos Santana 1972                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Carlos Santana in 1972 ~ Even today his avid passion towards the alchemy of music not just as a sound but a message of fire, love, peace within shows what true art is or can be. This photograph shows his depth within the present.

Carlos Santana Concert                             Leiden                                                            nov. 1978

Worked security when they played at HSU Redwood Bowl outside concert in

Santana at Woodstock | Carlos Santana at Woodstock | Z ROCK BLOG #woodstock…

August Mexican-born American guitarist and bandleader Carlos Santana holds maracas and an electric guitar while performing at the Woodstock Music Festival in Bethel, New York.

Jimmy Page, Keith Richards & Carlos Santana

Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), Keith Richards (The Rolling Stones) & Carlos Santana (Santana).

Vintage, retro, hippie, classic rock concert poster - Santana

Commemorative poster for Santana. 12 x on card stock. Artwork by artist Bob Masse.