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Awesome and very similar to the one I want to build Katie. Only need a trip to RadioShack for some doorbell noise and other noises like the noise box dad made the boys so long ago.

Inspiring DIY Cardboard Playhouse — Makedo

Here is a pretty cool and creative project for a Kids Play Fort – Tiny House made from Cardboard Boxes.

DIY CARDBOARD CAT PAD :: A tutorial for cat owners... you've probably noticed those cat scratching "pads" are really just corrugated cardboard. So why pay for them when you can make your own from old moving boxes or boxes from online orders? She made hers to a 4" height and covered the sizes & bottom w/ decorative paper/fabric (so catnip won't fall through if you decide to sprinkle some on the pad. | #designsponge

project for the animal shelter DIY Recycled Cardboard Kitty Pad -- hmm, dad will be moving soon and I know we had one cat that loved this type of thing, really awesome! (plus all those boxes at work!

Cardboard Boxes For Moving Home

Cardboard Boxes For Moving Home

Cardboard-Box-Ideas.  Fun for the kids!  Especially if you're stuck inside!

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25 Fun Ideas for a Cardboard Box-- cos all kids love cardboard boxes! Buy a toy and all they care about is the box- forget toys- I go to Costco n get boxes!

Cardboard Boxes for Moving

Benefits of Cardboard Boxes for Moving

DIY Cat House. Something to use all of the moving boxes for.

DIY Cardboard Cat House, from Fancy Seeing You.I already just leave boxes around for her to play in.why not make one look cute?

Cardboard Box Cars...OMG, my toddler loved this. I have the cutest pics of him in the box car. He was so excitedwhen I was making it. --MSoto

DIY/for Kids :: drive in movie cars for family movie night. Great idea, fun to make (let the KIDS design/paint/decorate their own vehicle). Fun for a party or movie for family night @ preschool.

Wrap Furniture When transporting anything with doors or drawers, such as bureaus, cabinets, or large appliances, wind a few layers of plastic wrap around the item to secure it. This eliminates the need for tape, which can damage delicate surfaces, and helps safeguard against scratches. Plastic wrap can also protect upholstered furniture against dirt.

Simplifying the Big Move

Simplifying the Big Move - Martha Stewart Attic - plastic wrap furniture instead of using tape which damages surfaces

20 Simple Cardboard Box activities for kids! Perfect for all of those leftover boxes from the holidays. #3 will be a huge hit with your kids!

20 Simple Cardboard Box activities for kids! Perfect for all of those leftover boxes from the holidays. will be a huge hit with your kids!