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I want a friendship like theirs | Zoe Saldana and Zachary Quinto

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"Wind shall rise ...and fog descend leave here, all ...or meet your end. Spock. Comment. Very bad poetry captain :-)

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Star Trek VI - Spock tells it like-it-is (logically) to ---> Lt. Valeris after she is caught as under-cover betrayal to the Federation as group member plotting to kill HIgh Chancellor...etc! 8.15 New

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#StarTrek I don't shipp it but this is too funny

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Exasperation--an emotion Spock and Bones easily share when it comes to their captain.

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captain kirk hugs spock, funny pictures

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These 23 Photos Are Famous, But You Still Probably Haven't Seen Them. #18, LOL!

William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy eating pie on the set of Star Trek, 1968

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Cat Heroes by Jenny Parks More

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Captain Spock I will miss you Leonard. Thank you for being an inspiration to thousands of us.

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Spock & Bones!!! My fave thing is when they banter :)

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