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This is so on point even down to the age of understanding, feelings and experiences! They say you choose the elements of baby/childhood life that you are going to be born into! I know from before I entered this realm, I said I could handle it but I didn't know it was gonna be so hard! Whoever put this together- Thankyou! It's like the most inner of me was expressed through these words! I have done the inner work & have learned to and will continue to choose wisely! Pure love x…

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Capricorns' Love Languages TOTALLY love caressing and being caressed. Totally love sex, as well. But my love languages have shifted to quality time, then physical touch, then words of affirmation. If I go out of my way to do something to help, it's nice for that effort to be recognized and appreciated. But I'm pretty good with the first two and honesty.

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but there sure are times when u get tired of doing for others who don't care when u need something in return

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I always "think" I do. :/ And what I "do" for people are ways that I show my affection but its never seen as such. Must be that practical side of us.

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