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Lupin´s Law // Lupin was, and always will be, my favorite character and this really warms my heart and breaks it knowing that something so great came because of him but he'll never be able to see it...


Unidentified arms with a griffin, 15th c. (f°3). -- «Rhetorica ad Herennium», by Pseudo-Cicero, Last quarter of the 14th c. or 1st quarter of the 15th c., Italy [BL Ms Harley 2748].


Canon law tradition says a pope who commits formal heresy ceases to be pope: expert | News | LifeSite

A good rule of thumb re veiling at Mass: nobody is forcing all women to veil at Mass. And nobody should (certainly as per the current Code of Canon Law, women aren't required to veil). But if you want to veil, nobody can stop you. And nobody should. So don't be afraid. Just go in with the right attitude: that you want to learn better to put Jesus first in your life, and that you acknowledge His Presence. Know also that the appetite can and does come with the meal-- with the opening of the…


the maid of honor could put this together. have the mother of the bride, mother in law, bridesmaids, and friends of the bride write letters to her, then put them in a book so she can read them while getting ready the day of. the last page can be a letter from the groom!


You can never argue the existence of Reigisa and if you do your watching the show wrong because those babies are literally MADE for each other


Although the text of this massive volume of canon law - the 'Smithfield Decretals' - had been written in Italy, the manuscript was then lavishly illuminated in England, probably in London, c.1330-40.