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Canoe Seat Backs, by Merrimack Canoe Co. - Merrimack Canoe Company on Taigan


Sit back seat - #clips to #canoe seat & can be used #anywhere-camping, concerts n, View more on the LINK:


In 2009, Langford Canoe was commissioned by The Hudson's Bay Company (founded May 2, 1670) to create this 16' canoe. All Langford Classic Cedar Canoes are finished with mahogany and ash, with mahogany bow and stern decks, rawhide/mahogany seats, thwart and a contoured yoke. Handcrafted in Canada by the most skilled artisans in the world, these classics are true heirlooms, made to be passed on from generation to generation. For the true connoisseur, $7,500 Cdn.


Old Modern Handicrafts Canoe Fabric Seat with 18 feet Back Support (other places sell it, too. Google old moderns handicrafts.

Frost River Canoe Thwart Bag

Vintage Canoe Seat

Beautifully weathered wood and cane canoe chair. In good vintage condition, still sturdy and ready for years of use at the campsite or