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Candy From Temptation Candy... buy in bulk for any occasion AND you get get skittles and other things divided!! orange with orange, green with green =D

Sweet and delicious "Blue Raspberry Jolly Ranchers - 2 Lbs" from @TemptationCandy! Give in to Temptation!

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Sweet and delicious "Tropical Punch Salt Water Taffy - 5 Lb Bag" from @TemptationCandy! Give in to Temptation!

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The bulk vending business is based on selling of low-cost snacks and trinkets to children and adults through non-powered machines designed for high product capacity, endurance, and low maintenance. The business has existed in the United States since at least 1888.

Patriotic USA Jelly Beans Candy: 5LB Bag

Beautiful Gourmet Red, White, and Blue Jelly Beans that you can't find anywhere else! Nobody else carries this candy in bulk. And now, calculate how many bags of jelly beans you need for your container, with our handy in-page candy-calculator!

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Shop in bulks your favorite flavor without having to buy any other flavors you DON'T like awesome stuff!! @TemptationCandy!

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