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I truly believe that my neighbor is a Sociopath. He copies everything we do and everything we have. He's scares me sometimes.

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lol I love the look of panic on Sherlock's face when he realizes he's said something stupid and made John sad...

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This explains everything! You were never loyal! Just using me until the next best thing came along...or so you thought...

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"Don't speak, you'll lower the IQ of the whole street!" -Sherlock

Which Sherlock Character Are You?

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Ex Recycling ♻️‍‍ -I would be the "Crazy" ex who sees through the bullshit. But DM is the "in love with him" bitch, who hasn't a shred of dignity left, thus she clings & follows like a lost puppy -no matter how ugly it gets.

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The Lies of Codependency

Some people will claim authenticity or honesty, and use it as an excuse to verbally abuse and be unkind. But they would never act that way in public. It's called wearing a mask. You can't have a relationship with people who claim to be one way or have good values and big hearts when their behavior shows you otherwise...

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We have a conscience. We can be a little gullible. We extend the benefit of doubt. We're honest. Encountering people who can outright lie and not feel one bit of remorse or sense of responsibility for it, simply ASTONISHES us. We haven't said things about the narcissist that aren't true. We don't need to make up the facts. They are as strange as they are presented. - After Narcissistic Abuse - There is Light, Life & Love

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I thought I loved him but I never knew how much until we began the process of divorce. When someone does everything they can to break you, to scar you, when they seem to take pride in knowing they've destroyed you... You really see the depths of evil a person contains. And yet you still care about them? You still pray for them to find happiness? That's how I know what real love is. And I finally accept that I'm not the problem. The problem is that some people aren't capable...

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