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Can Skunks Climb

Red Panda: Red pandas primarily eat bamboo leaves as well as berries, blossoms, bird eggs, and various plants' small leaves. Their broad teeth and strong jaws allow them to chew bamboo's tough leaves and stalks. They also have a small, bony projection on their wrists that helps them grip bamboo stalks. Giant pandas also have this thumb-like adaptation.


12 Excellent Wildlife Rehab Centers in the U.S.

12 Excellent Wildlife Rehab Centers in the U.S....... I would love to recognize Aark, where I intern at. Its in Chalfont, PA.


African Animal Pictures

Gorilla Baby cute animals baby wildlife gorilla monkey jungle here to find out more


Possum Posse During cold weather, opossums may stay in a den to protect their thin, hairless ears and tail from frostbite. A lack of long hairs on the tail, and its prehensile capability (it can be curled for grasping), allows the tail to provide stability while climbing. Only young opossums can briefly hang by the tail, because older ones are too heavy to hang..