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Teaching Multiple Meaning Words: A Free Activity

Multiple meaning words can be tricky for kids. Check out this fun FREEBIE from The Primary Gal!

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Mala meditation beads are used to count breaths or mantras during meditation. Their colors and the beads they're made from have different meanings that can infuse energy into your practice. Find out the different meanings and pick the right japa mala for you.

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Sorry but I mean he is always attractive in different way but that episode on the right. DAAAMN! so hot.

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Amazing cosplayer cosplaying Yurio

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"I use "the other day" a lot and that can mean anything from yesterday to the day of my birth "

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"Spork" has a different meaning for me so can we please try and come up with something else? ‍♀️

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I actually tried rearranging the word Capricorn, nothing can be made with all letters but you can make the word "Panic" with it. Idk if that means anything though

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An Illustrated Celebration of the Many Things Home Can Mean

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