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The world offers so many attractive, addicting and temporary solutions to these problems. But we all know they can't hold a candle to what God can give us #somebodytestify #chainbreaker #happysunday #zachwilliams // justdestinymag on instagram


Georgie: I'm sorry, but Olivia's right. I think we should do something else. Natalie: That's your choice. Georgie: You can pick whoever you want but... you shouldn't make them do the tail drag. It's too advanced for any of us. Natalie: Now you're telling me how to coach? I'm gonna pick a new headliner, and she will be doing the tail drag. Is that clear? Georgie: Fine. Then I quit. Olivia: Hold up, Georgie. I'm with you. I'm quitting too. (10x08)


The holiday season can bring a lot of stress for a variety of reasons and it often leads us to forget exactly what we’re celebrating. Lucky for us, two kittens got together to remind everyone what the holidays are really …

from Two Sisters Crafting

The Best Whipped Cream Frosting

The Best Whipped Cream Frosting - light and airy and delicious and it tastes just like Whipped Cream. But unlike regular Whipping Cream, this frosting holds its shape, lasts for days and can be used to frost both cake and cupcakes. And it is so easy to make. This yummy frosting will become an instant favorite. Follow us for more great Frosting Recipes!