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Camp Jupiter. I'm a Roman and I'm proud. I think more people in this fandom need to stop hating on Greeks or Romans and just realize that Greeks and Romans are apart of each other. Honestly, it irratates me when Greeks bash on Romans.

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Camp Jupiter

Once again...another map, this time of Rick Riordan's mirror image of Camp Halfblood for the Romans, Camp Jupiter...

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Camp Jupiter - chiyokins on deviantART (Aesthetically, I'd prefer the lines for years of service being horizontal - that's the way I visualized it when I was reading.)

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Okay, I wanna try something. Like for Camp Jupiter, repin for Camp Half-Blood.<<<CHB all the way

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Hahahaha. Leo and Percy play a prank on Jason. Since he has Camp Jupiter shirts and Jupiter is his dad, they added a little something of their own. OMG lol

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Percy Jackson Cam Half - Blodd Camp Jupiter Percy Jackso & The Olympians Percy Jackson i Bogowie Olimpijscy The Heroes of Olympus Olimpijscy Herosi

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speech 1 Adult Camp Jupiter SPQR Sweatshirt Hoodie: Clothing I don't know what's better; the sweatshirt or the fact that it's sold by the Amazons!

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Greeks and Romans... Seven Half Bloods shall answer the call To storm or fire the world must fall And oath to keep a final breath And foes bear arms at the doors of death

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