Tuesday Tips - Types of Shots (And What They Say) part 2. More tips and explanations on what different types of camera shots and angles are used for. Have a great Tuesday, everyone. Norm

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Tuesday Tips - Types of Shots (And What they Say.) Part 1 Camera angles and proximity really do convey a lot of information to your audience. Knowingly or unknowingly, your choices affect the viewers. What do you want them to feel or think at a specific moment? http://grizandnorm.tumblr.com/

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8 Camera Shots and Angles From Cinema That Can Help Improve Your Photos

Wide-angle lenses are excellent for landscape, architecture, indoor, group shots and night/sky photography. You can obviously use them for anything, even as a walk-around lens, but their focal leng…

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I like the angle of that shot. A photographer captured not only the girl on the front but also an emotin on the girl's face on the background. It is a good example hor to get a good shots of everyone who is in the picture.

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