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HALLOWEEN Lot of 10 Realistic feathered Crow Raven Black Bird Outdoor Decor

Don't think I don't have a prop raven like these next to Artemis on the tv armoire year round. Because I do. I call her "Lenore." I call all ravens "Lenore."

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Lorraine Schwartz Dazzling Diamonds, Part I

Lorraine does not have an online store, but you can call her directly at (646) 274-2008 for an appointment if you live in or plan to visit N...

cuddlycenobite: “Of Myth and Legend → Al'Uzza “ Al-Uzza, “the Strong One”, was one of the most venerated Arab Deities, and the Goddess of the morning and evening star, Venus. She had a temple at Petra (though which one that was has not been...

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ISIS -- and you can call her ISET, if you prefer, the Egyptian way -- is the mother goddess.


Persephone is the Greek goddess of flowers and was so lighthearted, people called her the maiden of spring. But one day while she was picking flowers, Hades captured her and took her to the Underworld. Demeter made a deal with Hades so that Persephone could live in between the Underworld for 3 months and above for 9 months. Her sacred animal is the bat, and her Roman side Proserpina. CC

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Miley Cyrus confirms Liam Hemsworth engagement

She's with her! Miley also chatted about campaigning for Hillary Clinton, calling her 'a total goddess'