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Bernie Sanders's surprising success should be a wake-up call to the Democratic establishment

The surprising success of Bernie Sanders's insurgency should be a wake-up call to the Democratic establishment

Bernie Sanders 2016 Prominent Dreamer Joins Bernie Sanders Campaign. "At the same time that Bernie is trying to chase them out of DC, Hillary is accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars from GEO and CCA's registered lobbyists," he continued. "[O]ne day they will call in several hundred thousand dollars worth of favors and skew the discussion on immigration reform to keep their detention facilities full." GEO and CCA are private prison corporations.


Many of those supporting Bernie Sanders have responded to the siren call of socialism. But do they really understand what it is?


Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was the Chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs during the VA scandal. CNN's Drew Griffin reports.

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Bernie Sanders takes Oregon primary while Clinton claims Kentucky

Sanders overcame state’s closed primary, which allows only registered Democrats – not independents – to vote, while Clinton declared victory in Kentucky


WIKILEAKS : MORE NAME CALLING – Hillary Campaign Calls Bernie Sanders a “DOOFUS” – TruthFeed

Imagine if Trump -- isolated from the Republican establishment -- truly thinks he can deliver on infrastructure and jobs. Imagine that he meant it when he referred to Bernie Sanders repeatedly in the debates with Hillary Clinton. Imagine that he picks up the phone in his tower and calls Bernie Sanders, who would have led the Committee on the Budget if the Democrats had won the Senate.

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Clinton Campaign Calls Bernie Sanders Sexist for Doing Same Thing Every Campaign Does

The New Yorker Calling it a gaffe of historic proportions, many political insiders were still scratching their heads Wednesday morning over Sanders’s bizarre decision to act toward his opponent as if she were a fellow human being. ‪

Sanders said he "had a very gracious call from Secretary Clinton and congratulated her on her victories tonight," cueing a raucous response from the crowd.

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