California State Lawmaker Withdraws Bill Allowing Communists to Work in State Government -

California State Lawmaker Withdraws Bill Allowing Communists to Work in State Government

The California state government may pass a law that requires public universities to provide access to free digital textbooks and curriculum. Which aspects of education do you think belong online (and for free)?

California passes bills to create open-source digital library for college textbooks

Attitudes towards marijuana are changing across the nation, and so are the laws. But none have been as bold as the newly proposed California Hemp Act 2014 (CHA) recently filed by the California Cannabis Hemp Initiative 2014 (CCHI). The CHA would essentially legalize all marijuana and hemp, but unlike laws in a select few states, it would stop the California state government from taxing marijuana ‘too much’ and will make it so half of the excise tax revenue is put toward marijuana research

Bold Marijuana Legalization Ballot Measure Proposed in California

America, the Beautiful: The United States of America State Flags

We are The United States of America. Do you know what your state flag looks like? I tried to compile the fifty state flags here.

U.S. Congress Blocks World Bank Move to Slash Safeguards | Environment News Service

NEW YORK, New York, September 2016 (ENS) - The Paris Agreement on Climate Change is set to become law this year after a ceremony at the United Nations in New York today saw 60 countries worth percent of global emissions complete th.

Dr Pan's "Liars Shuffle" between AB2109 and SB277

Private Citizens Taking a Stand To End Corruption In California State Government Over - BolenReport

New Anti-Corruption Website for El Dorado County. We are ordinary people like you who are disgusted with the corruption in our local government.  Our organization, the Committee of Vigilance Against Corruption is a Political Action Committee formed under the laws set forth in the State of California’s Fair Political Practices Act. Our Political Action Committee, or PAC, is formed for the purpose of defeating corrupt local elected officials in California.

New Anti-Corruption Website for El Dorado County

The best things to do in Sacramento, California. Things to do, places to eat, drink and relax. The California Capital city is not to be missed.

The Best Things To Do in Sacramento

Spend a weekend at the Farm to Fork Resturants of Sacramento, California. Eat some of the best and freshest meals you can get in the middle of the United States largest agricultural state.

As California limps through another nearly rain-free rainy season, the state is taking increasingly bold action to save water. On Tuesday, the California state government imposed new mandatory restrictions on lawn watering and incentives to limit water use in hotels and restaurants as part of its latest emergency drought regulations....

California’s Next Megadrought Has Already Begun

Free Government Cell Phones | Get Help With Your Phone Bill Now

Learn about subsidized government cell phones in California. Get a subsidized government cell phone service from Assurance Wireless or Reachout Wireless.

March 28 - State auditor: Californias net worth at negative $127.2 billion

Hollywood Announces Plans to Build New State-of-the-Art Director Jail

Tesla's Elon Musk had harsh words for a California state government program he says is being mismanaged.

Elon Musk is furious at a small California state agency

Tesla Motors is now, officially, just TeslaThe change comes days after the company cut the ribbon on a massive battery storage installment at a power station in southern California.