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This has a quick list of questions to ask when considering a child being placed with you. Not all the answers may be available at the time of placement, but it doesn't hurt to ask. (Some of the other details on this page pertain to California law).

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California Law that begins Jan 1, 2014. Only Religious Exemptions allowed by the state without documentation.

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DEBUNKED! New California Law Does Not Legalize Child Prostitution

Podcast "New California Law Helps Create More Housing!" - - more housing

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Cow Fart Regulation Passed Into California Law

BANKRUPTCY APPELLATE PANEL: Debtor who Objected to Creditor's Claim was Not Entitled to Attorney's Fees (not "Prevailing Party" under California Law), where Creditor Withdrew Claim. There was No Ruling from Bankruptcy Court Ordering the Withdrawal of the Claim [Brosio v. Deutsche Bank National Trust Company (In re Brosio) | ABI Volo Project]

WAKE UP & PAY ATTENTION, CALIFORNIA! Law Enforcement, Mayors Join Senate Democrats in Proposals to Curb Gun Violence (AKA further infringe on our freedoms!)

Labor Laws You Should Know in 5 Minutes Or Less #infographic

Labor Laws You Should Know in 5 Minutes Or Less #infographic #LaborLaw

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An Overview of New 2017 Laws Affecting California Employers - HRCalifornia

Agenda 21: California Law Would Abolish Private Property. UN (United Nations) wants to abolish private property. AMERICANS READ, it is coming!!!! States use ARTICLE V to limit Federal Government Powers and abuses. GET US OUT OF THE UN.

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