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As requested by imemymine2012, here’s a workout to help you get the toned legs of a dancer. Pair this with a lot of stretching and you should notice a difference, especially in your calves, pretty quickly. For extra intensity, add dumbbells to the squats and lunges. Also, if you have a hard time balancing in the one-legged calf raises, stand near a wall or counter so you have something to rest your hand on for balance. That’s why we have barres in ballet classes!


I love fit calves! This is one area that I am really working on! This is one of the toughest exercises and one that will give you great results! Want to know how to do this properly? Click Here:

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7 Important Exercises You're Probably Neglecting

This awkward move is actually great for ankle stability and makes it a great move for runners. Try calf raises with your toes out too.

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Calf Raises 3 Ways

I must come clean and confess that I neglect my calves. Aside from stretching them in Downward Dog, I spend little time on this overworked muscle that helps propel me forward as I run. I'm changing my ways, and have added calf raises to my strength