13-Year-Old YouTube Star Caleb Logan Bratayley Died After Medical Emergency: 'There Was No Foul Play,' Police Say http://www.people.com/article/medical-examiner-investigating-death-caleb-logan-bratayley

Medical Examiner Investigating Death of YouTube Star Caleb Logan Bratayley

Rest in peace Caleb. Caleb bratayley died of natural causes. Keep his family in your prayers

Annie HayleyCaleb on Instagram: “Happy golden birthday, Caleb! Can't believe you're 13. (And taller than me) Love you bubs! @iamabakedpotato”

Rip Caleb Logan we will miss you so much heaven has gained a amazing angel. Prayers for the bratayley family. When it thunders its just Caleb hitting a home run in heaven. Caleb will be missed very much love you Caleb and the bratayley family

YouTube's Bratayley family confirmed the undetected medical condition that caused the sudden death of Caleb Logan Bratayley at age 13 -- find out more

Caleb Logan Bratayley's Family Reveals More About His Cause of Death at Age 13: "We Miss Our Baked Potato"

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We love you Caleb Logan brataley . The day you were not there again my heart schatterd to pieces we love yo Caleb

Corisha on

I miss you so much Caleb Logan,I will never forget watching Bratayley and laughing because you were so funny.I dont know why they had to take you away from us so soon but I will never forget you.Rest in peace Caleb -Ava Blackwell

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Omw, 1 year without seeing this smile on camera, I miss you! I watched Caleb videos today, Remember Caleb Logan!