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Here's an entertaining video about calculating Pi with real pies. The three minute and fourteen second video explains Pi and how it can be calculated.

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Calculating Pi with Darts Pi can be calculated using a random sample of darts thrown at a square and circle target. The problem with this method lies in attempting to throw "randomly." We explored different ways to overcome our errors.

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Calculate Pi by Throwing Frozen Hot Dogs

Throw frozen hot dogs and figure out how tossing hot dogs will get you pi. Pretty cool, hands on activity for pi day!

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measuring the radius or diameter of cut out circles in either centimeters or inches. Then students needed to calculate the area and circumference of the circle.

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Happy Pi Day! Science Friday has a fun discussion of Babylonian and Egyptian scholars originally calculated pi, and a neat way to calculate ...

Friden Calculating Machine Co., Inc. Vintage Magazine AD-...

Calculate Pi

a good way to reuse b-day candles///Happy Pi Day to everyone. Hope your day is a real slice.

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