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DIY - Backyard Bird Nesting Materials - Did this today for our spring birds that are coming soon. The alpaca fur, vegetable dyed coconut fibers and natural wool yarn scraps were all purchased on #etsy, and I have plenty left over for re-stuffing. The suet cages are found online for cheap; mine are from, all three for under 10$ with shipping. Put next to your bird feeders and watch the fun when spring mating season begins. :D

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This guide is very handy for getting to know what birds your have in your garden. You can tailor the food your feeding to help their species thrive. Find our Bird Feeding guide at © BBC Wildlife. Identify garden bird nests.

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diy bird cage! how beautiful!! This could work for bunnies as well.: Bird Aviary Ideas, Birds Cages, Budgie Cage, Bird Cages For Birds, Diy Bird Cage Ideas, Wardrobe

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Love our beautiful cardinals! What a beautiful bird feeding station! No wire small enough to "cage" them but still intricate.

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Orioles in an Instant | Birds & Blooms: "You don't need a special feeder to invite orioles to your yard this spring. Just take an old suet cage feeder and fill it with oranges instead. The orioles will love this special treat!...Try putting grapes or berries in a suet feeder to see what feathered friends you can attract."

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Awesome Window Play Center for Cockatiel Budgie Small Birds

Awesome Window Play Center for Cockatiel Budgie Small Birds [70301651030] - $59.00 : The best selection of bird food bird cages toys for parrots and pet birds, Simply Everything for Exotic Birds

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Offer Nesting Materials For Birds

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DIY blueberry cage - "Made with 1/2" PVC tubing and 6 T-connectors. Make sure the connectors angle out away from the base of the plant at a 45 degree angle to give it it's round shape.... It is held down with T-bar stakes. It is easy to turn the stake and remove it for picking..."

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