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Cage Test

No more!!! There is no fucking reason or excuse that can make abuse and cruelty okay. Fight abuse and cruelty in ALL its forms. Fight it tooth and nail, knuckle and skull. This is a poison, a poison that spreads. Abuse is such an issue that the Centers For Disease Control and the US Department of Health and Human Services have done massive amounts of research. ABUSE IS AN EPIDEMIC! It spreads like any other disease.Humans victimize children,untreated children become twists. TRUTH. FIGHT…


Sanford NC: Lee County Animal Services. This shelter is working on its kennels. They have only 10 cages and they are desperate for adopters and or rescue. Amazing dogs come through this shelter and some only have hours to find a placement. 9197767446 Below is a facebook page for the volunteers that help move these babies by doing temperament testing and advocacy.


Exposing UF Primate Testing Records: 5C126- Brutalized From Birth in a Concentration Camp, THEN Sold To The University of Florida Torture Ch...


On February 27th, 2013, ten male beagles made their way from a test lab in the midwest to BFP Headquarters in North Hollywood, CA. Battling blizzards and road blocks, these boys are now finally 100% cage free and cruelty free thanks to Shannon Keith and her helping hands at ARME/ Beagle Freedom Project