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The GOLDEN Spatula for the class with the best behavior in the cafeteria for the week. Our custodial staff are the judges. The winning class keeps the award for a week. The competition is fierce (in a good way) for this baby!


Read this when going over rules and procedures for lunch room. I need this book! ( there are also other cute manners books on this website!)


FREEBIE!! (7 Behavior Posters in All) The "I Eat My Lunch Classroom Poster" includes a fun chant that focuses on appropriate cafeteria behavior. "I eat my lunch, when I am at school. I'm so very careful to follow each rule. I sit at my table. I stay in my seat. I use a soft voice when I'm talking--I eat! I clean up my trash, even if it's a bunch. This is the way that I eat my lunch." All rights reserved: