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Using SolidWorks - Split bodies in a part to create assemblies

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Top 6 CAD Programs (2016)

Here is a small list of 6 programs that stand out from the rest, either due to their capabilities, or their simplicity.

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3D printing for kids with Printcraft

CAD programming is a bit complicated for younger students, but many of them have mastered Minecraft. Printcraft is a program that allows users to 3D print anything they create on Minecraft. What a fun way to introduce 3D printing!

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How 3D Printing Will Change Our World

the 'maker bot' - prints small bits and pieces but the next step being developed will print you a house out of concrete!

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3D Printer Design Cards {3D STEM Print Designs} -32 Cards

3D Printer Design Cards- Great ideas for students to design using CAD design programs and print on a 3D printer.


At the start of 2015, I picked up Rhino as my second CAD program. I started a series of fun modeling experiments to practice form fluency in the program as well as quick KeyShot rendering compositions.