Cabin Cruiser

Beautifully Restored 1963 '36 ft Tollycraft Cabin Cruiser | Classic Wooden Boats For Sale - Used & New 39k 500 hrs. on 327's Everette Wa.


1957 35'-45' Chris Craft Cabin Cruiser/Commander - Purchase and Remodel Budget $65,000 - (Corsair Inspired: Dark Blue, with Red Stripe, Alpine White Base, Sun Bleached Teak with Grey Caulk - replace interior carpet with Flexiteak in Teak Color, Linen/Almond Fabrics/Leather with Cocoa-Navy-Grey Accents, redesign interior modern-minimalist, New Engine)


Vetter’s Heinkel Cabin Cruiser is one of many unusual cars that he owns. The tiny, egg-shaped German car is slightly more than 8 feet long and a little more than 4 feet wide. The wheelbase is a diminutive 68.75 inches. The car weighs 535 pounds empty, which is considerably less than some full-dress motorcycles.

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