Byzantine Empire: Modern Turkey, Italy, Greece, Jordan, Syria, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Sinai Peninsula, Northern Africa at its height.

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This is a map of the Byzantine Empire in the 6th century. Modern day countries that are part in that area: Greece, Turkey, Egypt, and Italy

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By 1025, the Byzantine Empire stretched across modern-day Turkey, Greece and the Balkans.<br />

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#Constantinople was the capitol city of the #Byzantine #Empire. It was founded at AD 330.

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The Byzantine empire, with territory with the Middle East, and the eastern Meditteranean, maintained very high levels of politicos, cultural, and economic life between 500 and 1450 C.E.

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Roman Empire Timeline: I kept finding my kids getting confused about the Roman Empire, the split of the Empire, and the Byzantine Empire. So I made this timeline and map worksheet to help them. Download available at:

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Need to know where the Roman Empire was? This 'at-a-glance' map of ancient Rome shows you exactly how it looked in the second Century A.D.

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