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Panty Ads | pub rétro sous-vêtements hommes bvd men underwear vintage ad


1950s BVD ad for satin swim trunks. wow, look at how high those are!


Magazine Ad for BVD Underwear, J.R. Ewing Dallas, Larry Hagman Celebrity Endorsement, 1985 - Magazines Ads and Books Store


BVD Underwear / Larry Hagman

from Paperink Graphics

BVD Underwear Ad 1907 Mens Antique Fashion Ad

paperink id:  ads5017s Original Period Advertisement. This is a Small AD measuring approximately 2.75" x 4". AD is in Very Good Condition as shown and ready to

Bvd Underwear Ad Here’s the Label Men In Underwear (1919)

from Paperink Graphics

BVD Underwear Fishing Pole Basket 1926 AD Gay Interest Two Men

paperink id: ads5023 Two Men in BVD Underwear Fishing Pole Basket 1926 AD "Next to myself, I like BVD Best..." This is an ORIGINAL PERIOD Magazine Advertisement

1983 BVD Underwear print ad - endorsed by Larry Hagman (who portrays "J. R. Ewing" on CBS-TV's "Dallas")


vintage under garment ads | 1915 BVD Underwear Ad ~ Men Go Camping, Vintage Magazine Ads


Braies are your underwear or shorts.   You can also tuck your shirttails between your legs as bvd's.  Both are very historically correct.