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This is the Oculus Rift it is used to play games in Virtual Reality or VR. The Oculus Rift is a headset that you wear over your eyes to be playing virtual reality. #oculusrift #oculusvr #vr


Technology is so fun! Not the biggest fan of Skyrim but how amazing it would be to play w/ the Oculus Rift head gear.

from MIT Technology Review

Oculus Rift and the Return of Virtual Reality

Oculus Rift | Thirty years after virtual-reality goggles and immersive virtual worlds made their debut, the technology finally seems poised for widespread use.

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Sony's PlayStation VR Stands To Be Almost 3x More Popular Than Oculus Rift In 2016

Have you seen the #PlaystationVR? What can we say, it's amazing!

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The future of travel is sitting in your living room with a virtual reality headset

The future of travel is sitting in your living room with a virtual reality headset - The Washington Post


VR is comming. VR is a future of game playing, VR is a future of TV, VR is future of fear therapy and Oculus is great choise for VR glasses

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5 hard questions facing Oculus Rift

a ocuclus rift can be used for some jobs because if your wanting to be a doctor you can you an oculus rift as an experament

Oculus Rift. It’s official, the hotly anticipated Oculus Rift VR Headset has arrived. Sort of. The company, purchased by Facebook for $2 billion last year, has just unveiled its first consumer-ready headset. They also showed off the circular gesture-driven hand controls called Oculus Touch. The headset features dual OLED screens, built-in headphones, & the Touch controls are designed for a more natural and immersive gaming experience. No specific details yet on price or release date, just…


We put top VR headsets through the wringer to find out which is deserving of your … Via Ars Technica

Oculus Rift virtual reality - by Oculus / Core77 Design Awards