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Hundreds of butterflies will take flight in Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden's glass Conservatory in 2012. The Butterflies LIVE! exhibit is back by popular demand and will feature showy tropical species from May 25 - October 14, 2012.


How Long Do Monarch Butterflies Live. The question of how long do monarch butterflies live has been an interesting one, as the answer sets them apart from many other species of butterfly.


Go from a butterfly beginner to an expert with this worksheet, full of pretty butterflies and tons of information about where butterflies live.l

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Laughter is said to be the best medicine as it is a great way to elevate your mood and decrease stress levels. When you laugh, your body experiences several reactions which can lead to positive short term and long term effects for your health.


Can't wait for the return of Butterflies LIVE! this spring at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. This is a photo of my favorite, a green birdwing butterfly or Ornithoptera euphorion. Photo by Cheryl Shanahan Lucky Ginger Studio.