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There once was a beaver who was so busy that he didn't always think things through. After finding himself on the wrong side of a falling tree one day, the beaver begins to see the error of his careless ways. He's eager to set things right, but will his friends and neighbors believe he's truly changed behavior?


Busy beaver PDF applique quilt block pattern; North American forest or woodland animal quilt; kid's or baby boy quilt block pattern

Busy beaver PDF applique quilt block pattern; North American forest or woodland…


Gotta love a creature that creates so much habitat for so many other creatures... and slaps its one-of-a-kind tail when it needs to be heard!


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The Beavers - A closeup look at a Beaver family working on their house on the Bow River in Calgary. The Dad and Mom Beaver are doing most of the work and are perfectly fine with being filmed while they work but the baby beaver wasn’t so comfortable with the idea and apparently is camera shy.


A Beaver has an enormous amount of power in it's jaws. It's teeth are hard as stone. They fell trees very fast. Their instinct tells them how, where and when to build a dam. Engineers scratch their heads even today, when they try to figure out the same thing. It has been proven, that if left alone, the Beaver will benefit the availability of balanced water systems, without any problems of flooding through-out a whole land area, for miles. #LIFECommunity #Favorites From Pin Board #15


Female Beavers are smaller and lighter in color than the dark males. The female stays in the nest with the pups, where there's an underwater entrance, but a high platform that is out of the water and warm. Both sexes have the "paddle tail."