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9th favorite band- Busted. Fun fact- The first 2 songs the Jonas Brothers released (Year 3000 and What I Go To School For) are actually Busted songs! If you look at the JB's CD at the writing credits, it notes Charlie Simpson, Matt Willis, and James Bourne. Those 2 songs were 2 of Busted's biggest hits in the early 2000s :)


Tom Fletcher and Giovanna Falcone friends since the beginning. So precious! My couple model <3


These guys actually are the best of friends and have such a good time together. Thier chemistry on stage is magic and seeing it was just contagious


McBusted on their unexpected formation: "It was James Bourne's Su-Bo moment"

McBusted formed after James Bourne had Susan Boyle moment | Celeb News | heatworld


Charlie Simpson, James Bourne and Matt Willis during the Busted tour photocall, London, Britain - 04 Apr 2016, photo by James Shaw

Busted insist their reunion ISN'T a money-making attempt

Busted's Matt Willis, 32, James Bourne, 32, and Charlie Simpson, 30, spoke to photographer Rankin's Hunger magazine. The trio have reformed and announced plans for a 2016 tour.


Top Music to Listen to While High: A Perfect Circle | APC was formed in 1999 by TOOL vocalist Maynard James Keenan along with guitarist Billy Howerdel. They met in 1992 during a TOOL show, and three years later Keenan agreed to listen to Howerdel’s demos in his home. With the concept of APC already in his mind, Howerdel was actually looking for a female vocalist. When Keenan heard Howerdel’s music, he said that he could hear himself singing the songs. And so A Perfect Circle was born.