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5 beautiful bushes to plant in the yard. good for privacy and very easy on the eye! such pretty colors! buddiea(pink),forsythia spectabilis(yellow), spirea arguta(white), ceanothus yankee point(blue), and weigelia(burgundy)

from Home Decorating Trends - Homedit

Curb Appeal: 20 Modest yet Gorgeous Front Yards

All the colors and textures of these bushes and trees is just amazing! I wouldn't have the topiary-type trees, as I prefer a more low-maintenance yard, but a lot of these colored shrubs are fairly easy to maintain.


Cottinus coggygria ‘Royal Purple’ (Smoke Bush)... considered a tree but I grow it as a shrub, whacking it back hard each spring to keep the height lower and make it bush out. easily grows 7-8' tall in a season. glows purple with the sun behind it.


Purple Diamond Loropetalum is a great evergreen low growing shrub.  It is different than the most common loropetalums because of its low growth habit and redder color.  It also is covered in red flowers in spring.


English Lavender ... a natural bug repellant... rub this flower or leaves and rub over your skin, repels mosquitoes, ticks and other insects... and it smells delightful, is so calming and you can add some to your favorite muffin recipe or into fresh squeezed lemonade..