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Mors Kochanski’s knife use teaching aid. The “Try Stick” has developed an underground following. it is approximately an inch to inch and a half in diameter. One carves various types of carvings that would commonly be used in woodcraft/bushcraft, though some are more to showcase ones ability to wield a knife. There are many beautiful examples floating around the net, from woodcrafters who have demonstrated their ability and prowess with a knife. Note Mark Emery of Kepis Bushcraft.

What Is Bushcraft & The 5 Skills You Need To Master To Become The Best Bushman/Woman - From Desk Jockey To Survival Junkie

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How to Skin a Squirrel | You may now how to hunt and trap small game. But, do you know what to do with it after you've killed it? Again, learning to prepare harvested game is an essential bushcraft skill.

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LOTS of bushcraft skills here! Net making, not only for fishing, but can be used for enclosures for birds or to catch them. Articles and Tutorials-

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How to Build a Bushcraft Bucksaw!! “The 15 minute Saw” Say you have a nice saw blade but no handle. You can make a really simple but effective bucksaw with some sticks and basic mater…

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