This is a really big hand waxed canvas and leather backpack and is perfect for your hiking, camping or travel bag. Olive green, brown genuine

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From Far Eastern Russia comes this primitive backpack design called a “Flyer” or "Pогулек" ~ Follow link for further fascinating info and graphics on the more primitive external frame packs, including a video on the Pогулек.

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Sun Watch - - - - Wearable sundial pendant watch is a modern twist on an ancient time piece . Uses the changing angle between sun and horizon to estimate the time . ​Note: Calibrated to work best at a latitude close to 40 degrees north . (Made by Shepherd's Watch)

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Most of us master shoe-tying in elementary school and don’t give our laces much thought after that. If your hiking boots start to wear on your feet in uncomfortable ways, though, you’ll be glad to learn a few new lacing tricks that could help improve your comfort.

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This is if a snake strikes you. Don't attack it just because it's poisonous. It probably won't hurt you if you leave it alone.

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