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Kate Bush. First woman to have a self-written No. 1 song in the UK. "Wuthering Heights" ~ On YouTube I found it to be a strange high-pitched song with an even stranger dance.

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Bush songs and music

My favourite Wailer. I was lucky enough to see him at the 1983 Police Picnic at the CNE. Bush Doctor is still my favourite song off that LP.

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wuthering posters- Most Wuthering Heights Day ever us just 3 days away. Not the Book, the Kate Bush song based on the book. Actually the iconic Red Dress music video of the song based on the book. Sadly very few US locations.

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This song always tore me apart. But the video? Even more so. Donald Sutherland as the dad just says everything with his eyes. And best part is that it we're only getting part of the story in this thing. Our minds fill in the gaps. And those are the best stories of them all.

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