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Here's a repost of an edit I made awhile ago inspired by the Hamilton Musical song "Wait For It". #TheHungerGames

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itsanidiom: Burn - piano sheet music Composed by : Lin-Manuel Miranda Transcibed by : ME I transcribed this by listening ‘Burn’ on the Hamilton Cast Recording for about 8 hours on repeat. It’s an accompaniment, meaning PLAY AND SING ALONG~ HAHA do it it’s fun! If you DO play it make sure to link other people back here so they can find the sheets learn to play it too AND if you record it please message me so I can listen and share with everyone! I’m going to continue writing sheet music…

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I haven't quite gotten to that level with ALL THE songs....but I'm getting there XD

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Well ya baca use if Eliza can't attack the most important thing in Hamiltons life then what are we doing here

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Burn Sheet Music by Lin-Manuel Miranda

"Burn" Sheet Music from 'Hamilton' by Lin-Manuel Miranda from arranged for Lead Sheet

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David Bowie

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Burn a CD with iTunes

Burn your own mixed CD for a friend, or create demo to pursue your music career. There are dozens of reasons as to why you might want a hard copy of your iTunes music. You can use iTunes to burn a disc with this simple process, provided...

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