You can sit inside or on top of it, turn it into a tunnel or a house or get many and build a whole castle! Description from I searched for this on

Indoor Furniture Ideas for Rabbits - Bunny Approved - House Rabbit Toys, Snacks, and Accessories

Your cat will LOVE this fun hiding place made out of cardboard, panit, and tape. Not only will your cat like it, but you will too since it looks way better than a standard cardboard box.

If you have a cat, then you know all too well the feeling of defeat when you drop some serious dough on fancy cat toys only to watch kitty strut right by them to play with an old.

Veja aqui lindos modelos de casinhas de papelão para gatos. Assim ficará bem mais fácil criar uma moradia que tem tudo a ver com o seu amiguinho.

7 Modelos Incríveis de Casinhas de Papelão Para Gatos

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Boredom Buster Box (pictured upside down) easy, fun and affordable!

DIY cardboard cat castle for our sweetest girls <3

DIY cardboard cat castle for our sweetest girls Pet Accessories, Dog Toys, Cat Toys, Pet Tricks

Your cat will go CRAZY for this DIY cardboard kitty castle!

Make a Cardboard Cat Castle

Make a Cardboard Cat Castle: Conspire with your kids to create a royal playhouse for your felines! or for cute little ratties