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Most young people experience bullying at some stage—sad, but true. While boys and girls both bully and experience bullying in different ways, it can sometimes be harder to spot coming from girls. That’s why it’s even more important that as a parent you learn to recognize the signs of bullying among girls. For more info—head to #SelfEsteemProject


The Facts on Bullying

Between 1/4 and 1/3 of students say they have been bullied. 10% say it's more that once a week. Middle school is worse. Be aware. Be there.


Photo (Undressed Skeleton)

Yes❤️. They don't. Even if bullies think they justified their judgments. All bullies think the other person deserves it for some reason.


Part of our job as US educators is to teach students the laws and history of our nation. These signs, inspired by the anti-discrimination laws in our country, build on American History and Government content standards to become a platform for discussions about kindness, mutual respect, anti-bullying, citizenship, and hate speech.


Rude vs. Mean vs. Bullying: Defining the Differences

anti bullying posters ideas -This image is relevant to our topic because it shows what every aspect of bullying may be, including cyber bullying. The image fits in with our other pins on the board because each pin is about cyber bullying. This pin describes how people get bullied and cyber bullying is one way.


Life change- not going to tolerate rude abusive people anymore!!! I am worth far more than their worthless, trashy, useless words!!! It's too bad some people have to bully and put other people down just so they can feel better about themselves. PATHETIC!!!!! I am learning to not be such a people pleaser anymore. Rude people are toxic, and I have no room for them in my life!