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Bullying Activities Role Plays and Poster Set

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Bullying and The Crumpled Paper Lesson

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Anti-bullying activity: Group activity using toothpaste, a plate and toothpicks to demonstrate how you can't take words back. Love this! Mrs. O Knows: Did I Just Leave The Dollar Tree With That Many Bags?

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Teacher’s powerful lesson on the effects of bullying – using two apples – strikes a chord

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My Secret Bully: Activities for Friendship Bullying

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10 Scenarios to Get Kids Talking About Bullying: In group discussions, ask kids to imagine themselves in these 10 bullying situations and describe what they would do.

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Currently & Anti-Bullying Activities

Lexi Absher- it's a good way of showing the steps of what it takes to not be a bully or harm anyone that feels that way

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5 Ways to Stop Bullying. This Character Ed Activity inspired a passionate discussion with my 6th grade students. It's simple but powerful. We used decorative scissors and foam to make it fun.

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