Building bridges

Building bridges in STEM class! We have now tried four different types! Three are bundled and one is available separately. All include teacher directions, lab sheets, hints, and photos!

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Popsicle Bridges! For this activity, the set-up was simple. I separated the students desks by 1 foot, gave each group 25 Popsicle sticks and 3 feet of tape. Their goal was to make the strongest and most aesthetically pleasing bridge across the great desk divide!

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Building Bridges: Their task was simple: build a bridge that was strong enough to hold a plastic cup filled with 100 pennies.

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Science Notebook Printables, Foldables, and Activities Superpack for 3rd grade. Includes activities, vocab, and assessment on "building bridges"

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Technology & Engineering- After reading literature and holding discussions regarding types of bridges, provide children with materials to create their own bridges and test their strength. PreK-PS2-2(MA). Through experience, develop awareness of factors that influence whether things stand or fall.

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What a fun STEM project for kids! Build straw bridges to learn about engineering. Great challenge activity for first grade or second grade.

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