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20 iconic tattoo shops around the world

20 iconic tattoo shops around the world | Matador Network #iconic_tattoo_studios #chinese_tattoo #hong_kong_on_the_map


How-To Geek : Ignorify: The App That lets You Completely Ignore the World Around You [Humorous Video]

Build You Own Homemade Granola (Muesli)

Build Your Own Homemade Healthy Granola - I put this guide together to mix and match to make your own granola with what you like and have in your pantry. I hope you enjoy it! You can file it away on your iPhone and iPad with @RecipeTin App so you have it at your fingertips all the time!


How To Build Your First Mobile App In 12 Steps: Part 2

How Long Does It Take To Build An App? - While the question isn’t as timeless as “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?” (spoiler alert: it is one that’s very dear to our community of mobile app developers. And now we’v


Revitalizing Youth with Fine Lines and Wrinkles Treatment

Fine lines and wrinkles are the inevitable destination for all of us hence; laser resurfacing is one great method that stimulates collagen production making the skin smooth and fresh.

1 has created an app that let's YOU build your own custom event app in minutes - cool or complicated?