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Homemade Itch Relief Wipes

Homemade bug bite wipes for on the go summer fun. Make these cheap and easy DIY itch relief wipes to soothe bug bites naturally and quickly.


Perfectly Posh Stripper used for detox body wrap! Just $24 gets you enough for multiple wraps!


I - 4 Details: Bentonite Clay ~ The many Healing uses, tooth powder, face mask, homemade foundation, soaks, bug bites, acid reflux... the list just goes on!


📣 Zoom on our toner 📣 - tones, - tightens your pores, - moisturizes, soothes and firms, - soothes irritations, sunburn and insect bites, - rebalances the natural ph of the skin, - Anti-Redness, Anyway a digest of well-being 💆 for your face 🖒 in a hydrating spray soft and natural 🍀, the perfect complement to the cleaning cleanser of skin 👌 Ready for smaller pores message me 210-831-6209


Praying Mantis - Devout, Stealth, Fearsome Hunter

One of the oddest parts of being a female praying mantis is the way they go about mating. We all know how mating usually goes but this is a little different. First, mating occurs and the female lays between 10 and 400 eggs. Then, after the ritual is over, the female has been known to bite off the head of its male partner. This takes place more often in captivity than in the wild and the reasons behind this mating ritual is still not completely known.


The Stripper can also be used to get rid of STINKY feet, bug bites & poison ivy to remove the toxins and leave you with less irritation, anywhere you have acne on your body or spot treat on your face, on your armpits to remove toxins from your lymph nodes and to help your deodorant work better and remove build up of your deodorant that prevents it from working, or use it on your feet to remove the toxins from your body.

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14 eerie 'faces' of pareidolia from nature


Type1 life What does a year of pain look like? This↑ But, despite it all, this beautiful boy keeps a smile on his face through the struggles of T1D


Young Living Purification Essential Oils for Equines. - Use directly on the skin to cleanse and soothe cuts, bruises, and scrapes - Apply to bug bites to eliminate itching - Apply to open abcess to disinfect, clean, and encourage healing - Apply to snsitive areas of the face and ears to keep flies away - Mix with YL Animal Scents Ointment and apply to lower legs and belly to protect from biting flies - When mixed with YL Animal Scents Ointment, it will provide additional care and support for…