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"If you are a glider owner or flying squirrel owner.....hit up local yard sales or thrift stores for old dresser or amours. They make for great cages and even storage for clean towels, food, treats and toys." Oh my god. This would've been perfect if I didn't already buy one

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diy bird cage! how beautiful!! This could work for bunnies as well.: Bird Aviary Ideas, Birds Cages, Budgie Cage, Bird Cages For Birds, Diy Bird Cage Ideas, Wardrobe

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Best Foods to Feed Your Pet Budgie

Successful Feeding System for the Australian BudgerigarIf you’re getting ready to breed your budgerigar, then you’ll definitely want to read this article by Avian Vet, Rob Marshall posted on The article goes into great detail on how to make sure your breading pair is fed well enough to have successful reproduction. In addition, he gives you some great advice and detailed information on how to make sure your new babies will stay well fed while still keeping their parents…

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Frequent Misconceptions of Budgies

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