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We have not had much of a chance to get to Hsinbyume Pagoda, in Mingun Burma while it's been under military rule in Myanmar/Burma. But what a gorgeous place of worship this is, isn't it.


Kamakura, Japan, the Great Iron Buddha is a World Heritage Site, and worth pilgrimage no matter what you worship. UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE

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Burmese Buddhism & Lunchtime at Bago Monastery

Observe the lunchtime procession at Kha Khat Wain Kyaung monastery in Bago to gain a better understanding of Burmese Buddhism. Watch monks in line as they slowly make their way to the dining hall. Along the way, Buddhist worshipping tourists make offerings of rice, toothbrushes, etc. into their alms bowls. Visitors can also enter the dining hall & observe monks eating their meals quickly & in silence – it’s their last meal of the day. Don’t miss this fascinating experience in Bago, Myanmar.

Temples of Bagan, Myanmar (Burma) The temples also known as "gu" were inspired by the rock caves of Buddhist. They were larger multi-storied buildings that one could enter. They were places of worships that included richly frescoed corridors with sacred shrines and images that could be worshipped.


Buddha is a word that comes from ancient sanskrit, meaning ‘awakened one’. It is generic term for anyone who has attained enlightment.


Buddhist Temple, Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Wow! I'm a bit obsessed with the Buddhist temples in Thailand right now. But how could I not when they're so absolutely gorgeous.


Caves of Ajanta (India). 'They may have been ascetics, but the 2nd-century-BC monks who created the Ajanta caves had an eye for the dramatic. The 30 rock-cut forest grottoes punctuate the side of a horseshoe-shaped cliff . The architecture and towering stupas made these caves inspiring places in which to meditate and live.'