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Buddhism: Buddhism For Beginners: Your Guide to Incorporate Buddhism into Your Life (Buddhism Focus, Buddhism Teachings, Buddhism History, and Buddhism ... Life),

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Are You Spiritual But Not Religious? 10 Reasons Why Buddhism Will Enrich Your Path

While Buddhism in its Asian homelands can be conservative, convert Buddhists in the West are generally liberal, both socially and politically. Whether this is an accident of history or a natural reflection of the Buddhist teachings, Buddhist communities embrace diversity and work against sexism and racism.

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10 Interesting Facts About Buddha from our friends at Sivana Spirit.

10 Interesting Facts About Buddha (Infographic)

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Sanskrit is considered to be the oldest language of the gods, as it is made up of the primordial sounds. Today, Sanskrit is the classical language of Indian and the liturgical language of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. #Sanskrit #Buddhism

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Forgiveness is the choice to see people as they are now. When we're mad at people we're angry because of something they said or did before this moment. By letting go of the past, we make room for miracles to replace our grievances. #Foregiveness #MindfulInspiration

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Eightfold Path & Buddhism.. let your students draw it out! It helps them visualize and remember the important components of Buddhism.

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Hinduism and Buddhism...simplistic but wonderful for those who want to know more about the differences.

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