Bubble 'n' Squeak-saw this under english/irish food on my ww app and thought it sounded yummy
This classic British brunch dish makes for a delicious dinner idea for two | Tesco
Bubble n’ Squeak (or Bacon, Cabbage and Garlic Hash) #ThingsMyBellyLikes
Delicious oven baked Bubble & Squeak Patties. Made with only 4 ingredients and super easy. A great way to get your children to eat their vegetables!
Bubble and Squeak or Potato and Brussels Sprouts Cakes are a delicious side dish and perfect way to use leftover potatoes. These cakes are vegan and gluten-free and can be made with variety of leftover vegetables and different spices | Imagelicious
Who doesn't love bubble 'n' squeak? Posh it up with pancetta and cooked chestnuts, and you've got yourself the perfect Boxing Day brunch.
These syn-free baked chicken parmesan are tasty, quick to make and syn-free! You can serve them with these bubble and squeak rostis that add a nice touch! Remember, at twochubbycubs, all of our recipes are perfect for Slimming World, all with syns, and over 100 syn-free dinners! And we're slightly funny too. Sometimes. SHARE!
Cabbage, onion and bacon mashed together with potato - could make it vegetarian by omitting the bacon.
Bubble n’ Squeak (or Bacon, Cabbage and Garlic Hash)
Bubble & squeak- bbcgoodfood: this is really good. I've made it with plain cabbage and it works well...great use for leftover potatoes and cabbage.
Low FODMAP and Gluten Free Recipes - Bubble and squeak -- http://www.ibssano.com/low_fodmap_recipe_bubble_squeak.html
The English Kitchen: Bubble and Squeak
Mashed Potato & Stuffing Patties | Thanksgiving Leftovers
Bubble & Squeak (Leftover Mash and Greens) -  This dish is so called due to the bubbling and squeaking that occurs during cooking. But it is at it’s most musical with cabbage.  Click here for more healthy, delicious recipes from The Cave Woman. http://www.goingcavewoman.com/bubble-squeak-leftover-mash-and-greens #Vegan #Healthy #BritishFood
Use up all that leftover mash and veg from Christmas Day with these Bubble and Squeak Fritters