Bubble lights. I see new ones now, but they are not as good as the ones we had because the liquid seems to evaporate.

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My husband is afraid that using vintage lights might burn our house down. He may have a point. Good thing that Lowes has modern day bubble-lites.

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Still on the hunt for some of these that won't burn the house down...might have to get a retro set to be safe.

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I just bought some of these on Amazon. They remind me of my Grandma...and a little bit of tradition doesn't hurt when those you love aren't around anymore. (tf)

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Diy Beautiful Christmas Centerpiece Idea.. Using those Old Fashioned Bubble Christmas Lights. . Create a centerpiece by orienting the sockets in a container of choice.. place in lights. . Screw them in.. now using faux holly and pine arrange in all open areas until no bare areas are visable .. great idea for a banquet/ buffet table!

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Bubble Christmas Tree Lights -I use to have these as a kid and thought they were so magical!!! Love these things!!!

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Traditional Clear Bubble Light Set with Silver Glitter **On sale Was $14.95 now $9.95. CLEAR BUBBLE LIGHTS!!!!!!!

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Christmas Bubble Lights 1950's - though I was born in 1978, these lights are from my parents childhood and yet I loved having them displayed every year more than they did.

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Love Christmas? Love science? Combine the two and make these Christmas science bubbling Christmas lights for pretty, holiday fun!

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