Remember to do this!!!!!

Remember to do this!!!!!

I've changed my ringtone so many times. Now it's Black Pink Whistle #kpop #BTS #blackpink

I've changed my ringtone so many times. Now it's Black Pink Whistle Mine is Outro: Wings

This actually happened to me at the mall one time and I had to explain to my mom why I was so disappointed xD

This sign makes me have extremely complicated feelings

What is this. No. This is. I cant deal with BigHit anymore. I give up. (Sorry for language)

These MV teories keep me awake ah nigth. There are some real fucked up teories, don't even get me started.

Pfft IDk what you mean......pfft......#kpop #BTS #Jimin

Pfft IDk what you mean. Lmao this is just hilarious, why am I laughing

I think their relationship to each other mean anything to all of them#BTS FIGHTING......


Taetae is like: Notice me senpai! And yoongi just: eww. get away from me. Yeah basically their whole relationship is one sided?

Suga clearly doesn't know the meaning of "Swag" anymore  ah he's still my bias wrecker so it's all ok ☺️

OK Suga. I don't think you know what Swag means anymore. <<< He's the definition of Swag, what're you sayin xD

I was really confused as to why it didn't continue typing. Then I got frustrated that it didn't continue

just when you thought you could rest your brain for an eternity bighit adds another one

Bangtan profiles from 2013 & 2017. #BTSFESTA2017 #BTS  Cr. Sugashu on tumblr  Collect by me.

Apperance wise, they changes a lot (especially Kookie) Personality wise, stay as is and I'll keep on falling in love with you