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Bruno Loubet Recipes

Hot chocolate soufflé

This chocolate soufflé recipe from Bruno Loubet is beautifully indulgent and is guaranteed to wow your guests.


Whole wheat and quinoa biscuit with smoked salmon

Bruno Loubet's canapé is perfect for Christmas, with smoked salmon resting on a base of fluffy quinoa biscuits

Australian Gourmet Traveller French Christmas recipe for chocolate and Grand Marnier bûche de Noël by Bruno Loubet from Baguette restaurant in Brisbane.

Roquefort and cranberry endives

Bruno Loubet pipes rich Roquefort and walnut into a crisp, refreshing endive leaf to make a wonderfully simple canapé


Duck breast with honey, caraway and beetroot and grapefruit salad


Hot chocolate soufflé

This chocolate souffle recipe from Bruno Loubet is a classic and is one of our most popular recipes - it simply exudes luxury.


Grilled asparagus, soft cheese and mint frittata